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Would love to thank you all personally. I was more or less dumbfounded and said I didn't know that people did that.

I'm pretty hairless, all things considered, so it didn't faze me much. Effy and cook sex scene. Smooth shaved cock and ass tumblr Smooth shaved cock and ass tumblr X Jpeg image. I was pretty indifferent because compared to the other thing that was growing in, like my boobs, pubes didn't feel like a big deal. Shaved wife tumblr. Ode to my Hotwife My wife follows this blog. Massaging My Niece Ch. And when I looked down, I saw something I never expected.

It didn't bother me in the slightest. My partner and I have been together for seven-plus years, and unless it directly impacts a sex act, there's no need to remove it. I felt ashamed, like it was bad that I had the hair. Sex with a squirter. If I shave at all now, which is somewhat of a rarity, I always leave a landing strip.

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Updates to follow, stay tuned! So, I'm working on this thing and it just gets bigger. Anal adult games. Like what you're reading? Hans 6 months ago If that is not made up, then someone should practice anger management. Shaved wife tumblr. I went to about 10 sex shops like a trick-or-treater looking for the mythical condoms that would fit his EP. He was acting like a jackass. After a party where we both drank way too much, we ran to his place.

We have a relatively open-door bathroom policy in our house, and my year-old has walked in on me 'scaping the pubes a few times over the years.

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